Emanat v času navidezno socialnega mrka uvaja redni TV program prostodostopen na Do nadaljnega si boste lahko vsak večer ob 21.00 (CEST) ogledali posnetek predstave iz Emanatovega arhiva, ki sega do leta 2004. Oddajanje pričenjamo z dnevnim sporedom, ki ga bomo po potrebi (oz. velikega povpraševanja) podaljšali. Ob ogledu vabljeni tudi k pogovoru, izmenjavi mnenj ali preprosto k ‘henganju’ v spletni klepetalnici. Za vsak dan doma, ena Emanatova produkcija. Družimo se zdaleč in #ostanimodoma.
During a seemingly social eclipse, Emanat is launching a regular TV program freely accesible at Every night, at 9.00 pm (CEST) until further ado, you will be able to watch recordings of performances from the Emanat archive, which dates back to 2004. While watching, you are also invited to talk, exchange views or simply 'hang out' in an online chat. For every day at home, one Emanat production. #Stayathome and socialize with distance.


Online chat

During broadcasts we can socialize and chat online. Click for a web interface, or join us in #emanatTV on

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If you like this program, you can donate a small amount via button below.

How to watch


Currently watching the program via this page's player is only possible with recent versions of Firefox.

The player on this page does not work with Chrome (including Android default browser) neither with Safari (inclding on iOS devices). Sorry for that.

It is possible to access stream via direct stream link, but needs to be refreshed after each song/show. This actually works with Chrome and media players like MPlayer: direct stream location is Copy-paste it into your favourite media player (it should support WebM/VP8/Opus) and use looping/repeat function or reload right after 21:00 CET.

Libre software?

We home-grew this broadcast service for you using libre software and free/open codecs. We strive for society without corporate control, algorithms in our timelines and surveillance with our every click. This is possible only with free/libre open source software.